Building an AI Data Assistant for Every Educator

Large language models such as ChatGPT have taken the world by storm. 

Here at Schoolytics, we see so much potential to embed intelligent automation to help educators make sense of data.

Do more with your data than you ever imagined

Draft Messages

Save time composing messages with AI that interprets content and suggests results

Synthesize Data

Summarize mountains of data points into concise information

Explore Data

Make graphs and tables using natural language to save time and get answers more easily

Take Action

Rapidly draft action plans and next steps using data and dynamic prompts

Looking to the future

Search with Natural Language

While it is still in early development, our team is building ways to help educators quickly find what they are looking for with Natural Language search.

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Natural Language Preview

Your Personal Teacher's Aide

Accelerate your ability to support students and improve learning outcomes with AI powered by comprehensive student data

  • Access to holistic student data at your fingertips
  • Draft responses based on student information
  • Quick access to student profiles in Schoolytics

Teachers: Increase instructional time and take back your planning periods

Even with comprehensive dashboards, teachers often don't have enough time to comb through all of the data, and it's difficult to turn that data into action. Schoolytics AI can help you generate data-driven lesson plans to boost your productivity. For example, quickly analyze assessment results to find standards that need extra attention.

HS Landing - Reteaching

Create Student Groups
HS Landing - Student Groups

Use assessment results combined with classroom data to generate student groups based on learning mastery by standards.

Draft Lesson Plans
HS Landing - Dynamic Lesson Plan

With detailed data on student progress, draft lesson plans that address specific areas where students are struggling.

Compose Newsletters to Families
HS Landing - Family Newsletter

Save time on manual emails to students and parents, while personalizing and customizing the content for what's relevant in your class.

Administrators: Use an AI Assistant for planning and communication

HS Landing - Admin Tools

Using student data gathered from multiple systems, draft professional development plans for your staff that align with your goals and strategic plan, while leveraging information on where students are struggling and excelling in real time.

Leap from data analysis to instructional change

Whether you are a building leader, district leader, or other staff member, you spend a lot of time looking at data and planning next steps. With AI powered tools, you can get support with analysis and complete your tasks faster.

  • Summarize complex data
  • Generate targeted PD Plans
  • Draft weekly newsletters based on real progress

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